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I was the founding managing editor of, an award-winning non-profit religion magazine, from 2019-2023. I helped grow our audience by more than 10 times in that time period by improving the quality of our coverage, developing a weekly email newsletter, improving SEO and utilizing targeted Google, Facebook and Twitter ads. I traveled as far as Alaska, India, Ukraine and Germany for my role and worked with reporters from all over the world.

In addition to religion reporting, I have also reported business and culture news in New York and Dallas and freelanced stories about religious persecution, refugee rights, gender equality, violence and more while living in Delhi, India from 2014-2019. Some of my work there involved extensive travel to assist in audio production for documentary film work

I was the youngest elected board member of the Associated Church Press, which supports journalists who work for faith-based Christian media or report on Christian communities. I have since left the role to volunteer more with the Religion News Association.

Though I've developed a niche reporting on religion, especially global Orthodox Christianity, my interests extend far beyond. Religion is an entry point into the core belief systems that motivate a person, even unconsciously. I believe understanding and listening to different viewpoints, even those that may be deemed offensive, is essential for a reporter to tell a story well and inform readers.

In my spare time, I love to lift weights, dance, travel and listen to podcasts with my cat while I cook Georgian and Indian food for my husband and friends. 

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