This is not an exhaustive list of my reporting but provides highlights of my work.

Texas Monthly: April issue-- I traveled to Houston to profile a growing community of far-right Americans converting to Russian Orthodoxy. I was invited to present my research on this story at a Ukraine and Russia Studies conference hosted by NYU.

Washington Post: March 29, 2023-- The monastery’s fate has been in question since Russia’s invasion in February 2022 has brought a series of crackdowns on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has historical ties to Moscow.

Sojourners: March 29, 2023-- I interviewed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in his office ahead of the potential indictment of Donald Trump.

Religion News Service: Feb. 5, 2024-- The largest Orthodox Christian radio ministry in the U.S. hosted an event on the controversial idea of ordaining female deacons and failed to curb or prevent an outpouring of misogyny. 

Religion News Service: August 18, 2023-- I traveled to Lviv for this story about a parish switching their liturgical calendar to align with the West over Russia.

Religion News Service: February 15, 2024-- I traveled to Providence to report on the opening date of controversial right-wing public intellectual Jordan Peterson's tour. I wanted to highlight his increasing interest in traditional Christianity as an agnostic.

Religion News Service: March 22, 2023-- The nondenominational Christian college is expected to announce it will close after a Canadian company failed to deliver on lofty promises to boost declining enrollment, say staff and faculty members.

Christianity Today: Feb. 4, 2023-- One out of three destroyed or looted buildings tallied by Institute for Religious Freedom belong to evangelicals, accused of being “American spies.” Listen to my Feb. 9 radio interview about this story here (start at 1:08.30).

Religion News Service: Jan. 13, 2023-- Nearly 400 Orthodox Christian theologians from 44 countries convened in the largest international conference of its kind in Greece to discuss “Nicaea-sized” questions facing the Eastern Orthodox Church amid war and bitter division.

Religion Unplugged: Aug. 11, 2022-- Orthodox Christians in North America and around the world already are venerating the Alaskan Native matriarch for her care and concern for abused women. I traveled to Kodiak, Alaska for this story and am the first journalist to report on Olga's likely canonization.

Religion News Service: Jan. 25, 2023-- In his brief Twitter comeback tour, Fuentes spouted late-night obscenities and conspiratorial, antisemitic musings.

Religion Unplugged: Mar. 3, 2022-- For this story, I visited Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox churches and explained the religious nature of the conflict just days after the full-scale invasion. The Religion News Association invited me to speak on a panel about the war at their annual conference.